Max Coppoolse

Max Coppoolse


Mr. Max Coppoolse serves as the Managing Director of African Health Systems Management. Mr. Coppoolse served as Managing Director of Investment Fund for Health in Africa. He worked at Unilever for 11 years and was responsible for the implementation of the restructuring for the Unilever meat/soup and tinned food group in the Netherlands.

Mr. Coppoolse has experience in reorganizing companies in Africa and was a team leader of an international team which reorganized United Africa Company (UAC) based in Lagos Nigeria. He joined KPN in 1990 as a General Manager Business and Mobile Communication and was responsible for a turnover of 600 million Euros per year and oversaw 7000 employees.

He served at Phillips from 1993 to 1998 in various functions, ranging from Chief Executive Officer of Phillips Malaysia to General Manager of two media subsidiaries of Phillips. In 2000, he joined Vodafone, where he served as a Director Special Projects. Since 2003, Mr. Coppoolse served as the Chief Operating Officer of PharmAccess Foundation and was responsible for all operations of PharmAccess Foundation.

He has extensive experience in the health sector in Africa. He serves as a Director of AAR Health Services Ltd. and AAR Holdings Limited. He graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology. He is the Chairman of Hygeia Nigeria Limited.