Refer and Earn

Hygeia HMO Refer & Earn

Earn 5% in rewards with each customer you refer.

Refer Hygeia HMO Retail plans, such as the HyBasic or HyPrime health plan, to friends and family and earn rewards from Hygeia HMO.


Your friends and loved ones might want to skip getting health insurance but this can be an expensive gamble. Health insurance is both a savvy financial intelligence tool as well as one that gives the policyholder peace of mind – for self and family or friends.

Even if they rarely fall ill or go to hospitals, access to care needs to be secured if a sudden injury or medical emergency occurs.

All our health insurance plans now have access to telemedicine included so you always have a doctor at your beck & call even from home or at work.

A great way to show your loved ones you truly care is by encouraging them to get a Hygeia HMO health plan, this way they can access healthcare whenever they need it.

Don’t allow your family and friends to go through life without a safety net. Help them get a Hygeia HMO health plan tailored to their needs and earn 5% rewards on every successful referral you make! (You only get this reward when they purchase a plan ).

For your rewards, choose shopping vouchers to use at select stores or discounts applied on the renewal of your next plan, to the tune of 5% of all referred purchases.

The more referrals you send our way, the more money you make.
Hurry and refer someone today!

How to Refer and Earn

Step 1: Tell your family & friends about Hygeia HMO plans. Hygeia HMO plans cover individuals, families, senior citizens, businesses, and much more. Visit to learn more about our plans.

Step 2: When they are ready to buy the plan, they can make payments online. You (the referrer) can also fill this form with the contact details of the party being referred.

Step 3: For Web payments, Ensure that the referee enters your Hygeia HMO Enrollee ID in the Referral ID field on the online form. (This will identify you as the referral of the sale and facilitate prompt rewards)

Step 4: Click on “pay annually” to pay via the web. Once payment is confirmed by Hygeia HMO, the referrer will be contacted by a Hygeia HMO representative.

Step 6: Referrer receives rewards for a successful referral. Get yourself rewarded with juicy shopping vouchers and 5% discounts off your next renewal.

What are you waiting for? Help your loved ones get a health plan and start earning with Hygeia HMO today.

*If you have a complaint, please call 0700- 494342- 466 or click here to chat on WhatsApp.

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