Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
01/04/2021 Waniete


HyBasicHyPrimeHyPrime Plus
Pricing per annum ₦29,000 ₦69,180₦385,500
Total benefits per annum ₦830,000 ₦1.3 million₦1.8 million
General consultation Available AvailableCovered
Minor Surgeries₦150,000₦200,000 ₦250,000
Intermediate Surgeries N/A N/A
Diagnostics and Imaging Covered CoveredCovered
Accommodation for In-patient care 15 days 15 days20 days
Physiotherapy N/A N20,000 limit₦40,000 limit
Telemedicine Available AvailableAvailable
Dental Care₦5,000 ₦20,000₦40,000
Family planning N/A AvailableCovered
Mental health care N/A CoveredCovered
Chronic disease management N/A CoveredCovered
Critical Illness + Death Cover ₦150,000 ₦100,000₦250,000

HyBasic FamilyHyPremium Family
Pricing per annum ₦115,770 ₦475,160
Total benefits per annum ₦850,000 ₦1.2 million
General consultation Available Available
Minor Surgeries₦150,000₦200,000
Intermediate Surgeries N/A N/A
Diagnostics and Imaging Covered Covered
Accommodation for In-patient care 15 days 20 days
Physiotherapy₦20,000 limit N35,000 limit
Telemedicine Available Available
Dental Care₦10,000 ₦30,000
Family planning N/A Available
Mental health care Available Covered
Chronic disease management N/A N/A
Critical Illness + Death Cover ₦100,000 ₦250,000


Will I have a cashback if I don’t visit the hospital?

No, you won’t. It is in your best interest to visit the hospital at least once a year, even if you do not have any complaints. This is because many harmful diseases like hypertension may not present with any symptoms initially and can easily be picked up during a routine hospital visit where your vitals get checked.

How will my health plan work?

Once you buy a plan with us, you will be onboarded and you can visit any of the hospitals you are covered for within our network whenever you need to access healthcare. You can also get access to healthcare from the comfort of your home via Telemedicine By Hygeia HMO

Must I choose one hospital?

No, you can visit any hospital within the category range available to your health plan. This way, you are not stuck with a hospital you do not like, neither do you have to go through a long process to change your primary provider. You can easily search for hospitals close to you with our Hygeia Mobile App.

How do I know if I have access to a hospital?

The Hygeia Mobile App (Click here to download for Android & Apple) helps you check if you can get treatment at a particular hospital. Simply log into the app, then click on ‘Check Provider Access’ and run a search for any hospital of your choice.

How do I keep track of my benefits?

You can manage your benefits and track how much you have spent by clicking on ‘Benefit Usage’ once you log into our mobile app. This service helps to ensure transparency and gives you control over how your benefits are utilized.

Can I buy a plan for someone?

Yes, you can. You can go through our and pay online as well.

How do I know what plan is best for me?

To make it easy for you to choose, we have categorized our plans based on health needs at different ages and stages of life. So, whether you are

Will my plan cover dental & optical care?


Our plans cover dental and optical care up to the benefits package limit.

Will my plan cover maternity care?

Antenatal and delivery services are available on plans when you renew your plan subscription after the first year.

I have a chronic condition; will my plan cover my treatment and medications?

If you have a chronic illness like hypertension or diabetes, our HyPrime plans, Senior Citizen plans or HyStarter Premium plan will cover for your treatment and drugs up to the benefit limit after a two-month waiting period.

What happens if I die or get a critical illness?

If you come down with a critical illness or die, our plans cover for a cash payout up to the limit as specified by the benefit package to you or your next of kin.

  1. The following benefits will not be covered or provided in the first year of the commencement of the scheme: Maternity Services, Surgeries, Cancer Care, Critical Illness + Death Cover, and Psychiatric Care. This period otherwise known as waiting period shall commence on the date of entry to the date of renewal. On renewal, this benefit will be accessible provided the enrollee has been enrolled for one year with the HMO.

By Dr. Okonkwor Oyor C.


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