How Hygeia HMO Is Supporting The Fight Against COVID 19

How Hygeia HMO Is Supporting The Fight Against COVID 19
18/04/2020 Waniete

The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted a lot of what we considered to be normal – the way we lived, worked, shared and interacted with others.

On Friday, 20 March 2020 – we made the decision to evolve into a fully remote organisation with most of our team working from home. Within the next few days, we had become 100% remote to safely continue our essential mission of providing affordable access to quality care.

To further support the fight and help make Nigeria more resilient, we have led and participated in a number of initiatives towards repelling the effects of the pandemic.

Our Donations

The Health Workers Fund

We have donated money to The Health Workers Fund on set up by the Sterling One Foundation to provide hazard allowances for health workers at the frontlines of the fight against COVID 19. These health workers currently earn a maximum of only N5,000 a month as hazard pay – grossly inadequate for people who also have needs and are putting themselves on the line to care for those sick with the virus.

We also provide guidance on the disbursement of the Fund through our presence on the Governing Board. 

We Are Together

We Are Together is a public-spirited project to get cash into the hands of people who need them right now. Hygeia HMO is supporting this private sector coalition with donor funding to help give direct, immediate cash relief to individuals through their bank accounts. Read more here: 

Our Services

Telemedicine By Hygeia HMO

We are subsidising our Telemedicine By Hygeia HMO service to provide new & existing members with immediate access to highly trained general practice doctors. These licensed doctors can help manage your acute and chronic conditions plus advice on demand via voice or video calls.


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