Eco – HyValue (Eco Bank Staff Benefit Schedule)

PlansEco – HyValue
Hospital CategoryB-D
Inpatient Limit2,800,000.00
Accidents & Emergencies: Resuscitative or lifesaving

initial treatment

√ (Up to Inpatient Limit)
Accommodation (including feeding)Private Ward (30 Days/Annum)
Accommodation for Mothers Whose Dependants are on admission (excluding feeding) (Limited to SCBU/NICU Cases only) 

General Ward 48 Hrs

Intensive Care Services3 Days
Neonatal Care Services (Treatment of mild or moderate neonatal sepsis, Phototherapy, Incubator Care and Special Care Baby Unit)* 


Psychiatric Hospitalisation
Surgeries including day case procedures, minor, intermediate and major surgeries including Caesarean Section 


Outpatient Limit1,000,000.00
Advanced & Complex Investigations(limited To CT,

Scan, MRI Scan and echocardiograph)

CT/M.R.I Scan Only (4 times per


General Consultations (Initial and Follow-up)√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Specialist Consultations (Initial and Follow-up)√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Dental Care (relief of pain, fillings, nonsurgical, extractions, preventive care, scaling and polishing, Dental Surgical Extraction & Root Canal Therapy, Dental Prosthetics) 



Family Planning Services

IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device e.g. Copper T, Injectibles,



NPI Immunizations for 0-5years

BCG, Measles, DPT, Oral polio, Vitamin A supplementation,

Pentavalent vaccine

Additional Immunizations for 0-5 yearsHepatitis B, HiB, Yellow Fever
Additional Immunizations for 6yrs and aboveHepatitis B, Yellow Fever
Health Checks**Limited to: Physical Examination, BP, Blood Sugar, Genotype, Blood Group, PCV,


HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Infertility InvestigationFertility Consultations,

Counselling, USS, SFA (₦50,000)

Kidney Dialysis2 Sessions
Laboratory tests (WHO list of essential in-vitro


√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Neonatal Care Services (Male circumcision, Ear


√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Optical Care: Lenses, Frames & Contact, Lenses (Once

in two years)

Optical care: Eye testing, Treatment of acute and

chronic eye diseases.

Psychiatric TreatmentOutpatient Only (6 Months)
X-Rays and Basic Diagnostic Tests√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Pharmacy Benefit Limit200,000.00
Chronic Disease Medication 


Inpatient Prescription Medicines 
Outpatient Prescription Medicines 
Other BenefitsUp to Outpatient Limit
Antenatal Care + Normal Delivery+ Postnatal Care (6


Cancer Care: Oncology Tests, Drugs + Chemotherapy

& Radiotherapy

AmbulanceRoadside to Hospital &

Hospital to Hospital

Global Refundable Limit for Cancer Care***
Global Refundable Limit for Surgery***
Global Refundable Limit for Maternity***₦150,000
Inter-State Referral Services for services not available

in State

√ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Interstate travel by commercial airline,(economy


Medical enquiries
Second opinion
Hospital Accommodation(where medically necessary)
Prescribed medicines and laboratory tests
Mortuary Services (Cleaning, Embalmment, Storage,