Consult with A Doctor Virtually on TremenDoc in Partnership with Hygeia

Consult with A Doctor Virtually on TremenDoc in Partnership with Hygeia
09/10/2017 Editor

Still in a bid to drive accessibility of Healthcare to Nigerians through technology, Hygeia has partnered with TremenDoc to bridge the gap between enrollees and doctors.
TremenDoc is a convenient, reliable and affordable platform that provides access to virtual health care delivery solutions. It enables licensed doctors to perform virtual medical consultations and diagnoses through real-time interactions with registered patients via chats, audio and video calls.
The TremenDoc technology helps reduce missed appointment rates, increase adherence to recommended therapies, and help ensure the appropriate frequency of recommended physician visits. It also helps reduce self-medication as a doctor is just a call away to verify medication before commencement.
Other interesting medical consultations fields users have access to on the TremenDoc app are Dieticians and Sexual Health experts. This platform allows you to keep your identity private. You can be anonymous and still receive the quality healthcare you signed up for. Although the doctor does not need to know your identity to offer medical advice, he or she could ask a few questions like age or gender to help with the diagnosis.
To consult with a licensed doctor, all you have to do is download and install the TremenDoc mobile app from the Google play store for Android users and the App store for IOS. You can also visit the TremenDoc website on
Members can choose to pay for their consultation through subscription, N1500 per month or pay per consultation (PAYG) N500.Payments can be made with ATM Cards. For a free trial, the first consultation is free upon provision of your card details.
Don’t hesitate to chat with a doctor; it just might save your life. TremenDoc is open to all Hygeia and non Hygeia users.


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