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Diaspora Senior Plan with Cash Payment

Buy a healthcare plan for your parents and pay conveniently at any UK Post Office!

You get the peace of mind of an annual health check and knowing that, if the unexpected happens, they will be taken care of with a Hygeia HMO Senior Plan.

Here’s how it works:

• Take a look at the plans below and select one that best suits your needs

• Click the ‘Buy’ button and complete the online form

• You will receive your Senior Healthcare Plan order-form by email or SMS.

• Take this order-form to any UK Post Office within 48 hours to pay for this healthcare plan.

• Cover begins when the payment has been processed.

*This refers to the amount that will be refunded by Hygeia HMO should the enrollee choose to access this care outside of Nigeria. Specific terms and conditions apply.


The following are excluded from all plans: –

  1. Transplant surgery
  2. Plastic/cosmetic surgeries
  3. Other investigations and treatment for problems relating to infertility e.ghydrotubation, hysterosalpingogram, I.V.F, G.I.F.T and artificial insemination
  4. Virility enhancing drugs
  5. Herbal drugs, non-prescription drugs, food supplements and experimental drugs and treatment
  6. Dental care not listed in the covered services
  7. Home care and domiciliary services
  8. Joint replacements and prosthetic limbs
  9. Long term psychiatric illness (Longer than 6 months)
  10. Comprehensive health screening/well persons check outside the scope of the benefits covered by the selective health screening
  11. Treatment for newborns not registered on the plan after 6 weeks of birth.
  12. Congenital abnormalities
  13. Neonatal care not listed under neonatal services
  14. Self-inflicted injuries
  15. Treatment of obesity
  16. Speech disorders
  17. Room upgrades beyond that specified in the plan benefits
  18. Learning difficulties, behavioral and developmental problems
  19. Consultations with unrecognized consultants, hospitals, family doctors, therapists, dental practitioners or complementary medicines practitioners
  20. Any other treatment, service, procedure or investigation not listed in the schedule of covered medical services.

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